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Tom Payette      Phone: 540-672-0387

Speaking Engagements
Speaking Engagements

Tom Payette is a renowned speaker, having taught winemaking and winery related courses since 2001.  Tom's range of topics cover everything from specific winemaking issues (tank selection, sanitation, understanding pH, etc) to broad topics including "Fifty Questions before Starting a Winery" and half-day winery start-up boot camps.  A brief list of upcoming engagements and recent presentations are listed here.  For a comprehensive list, please contact Tom at 540-672-0387.

Upcoming Engagements

May 2018
San Diego, California
Starting a Commercial Winery & Going Pro Boot Camp

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June 2018
Midwest Viniculture Expo
Davenport, Iowa
Tank and Barrel Selection
Preventing/Managing Oxidation of Wines

Previous Engagements


Eastern Wineries Exposition
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Panel Moderator


Eastern Wineries Exposition
Syracuse, New York
Lab Focus for Small Wineries
Pre-Bottling Quality Control Protocols

Ithaca, New York
Starting a Commercial Winery & Going Pro Boot Camp


Craft Beverages Unlimited
Vineyard and Winery Management Magazine
Asheville, NC
Designing a Winery Backwards
Creating a Brand: Packaging Panel
Sparkling Wine in the Southeast: Panel Discussion

PickTN Conference
Knoxville, Tennessee
Viticulture:  Managing Acidity in Wine
Enology:  Barrels and Perils

Winemaker Magazine Conference
"Starting Up a Commercial Winery and Going Pro"
Santa Rosa, California


Eastern Wineries Exposition (EWE)
Moderating: Launching Your Vineyard or Winery
Syracuse, New York

Winemaker Magazine Conference
"Going Pro" (Half Day Winery Start-up Boot Camp)


Winemaker Magazine
Winery Start-up (Going Pro): 4 Hour Boot Camp
To Fine or Filter

Georgia Wineries Association
From Paperwork to Pouring: Winery Start-up

Eastern Winery Exposition
Laboratory Testing Cost Analysis
Cold Stabilization (saving time and money)
Better Bordeaux Blends (Part I Vineyard)
Better Bordeaux Blends (Part II After Fermentation)

Maryland Grape Growers Association
Keynote Speaker: Emergence of Mid-Atlantic Wines
Using Oak Judiciously

Southeastern United Wine and Grape Symposium
Blending Course

Surry Community College
Dobson, North Carolina

Winemaking Consultant
Tom Payette
7111 B Riverside Dr
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Phone: 540.672.0387