Three Decades of Winemaking Experience

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Experience You Can Count On

Tom Payette, a premier hands on and analytical winemaking consultant,  serves clients throughout the United States and internationally.  His  wide range of expertise includes winery and vineyard start-ups and  expansions, still and sparkling wine production and general winery  issues.  He has worked since 1985 crafting still and sparkling wines,  including seven years experience in ultra-premium Bordeaux varietal wine  production in Napa, California.  Tom studied under famed Bordeaux  enologist Jacques Boissenot.  In addition to winemaking, Mr. Payette is a  noted national speaker, recognized International wine judge,  contributing author to the book Winemaking Problems Solved and technical  columnist for international trade magazines.

Mr. Payette recently received five awards for his winemaking achievements  and contributions to the industry.    Tom was awarded Virginia Tech’s Department of Food Science and Technology’s  Distinguished Alumnus in Government or Industry Award from the College  of Agriculture and Life Science Alumni Organization.   The Ut Prosim Award is given annually to an alumnus who has  excelled in their profession as well as contributed extensively to the  betterment of their industry through community service.   

The Atlantic Seaboard Wine  Association  presented Tom with the Wine Grape Productivity Tray in  recognition of his major contributions to the sustainable growth and  economic viability of the American wine industry.  Tom was awarded the  Virginia Governor's Cup (the most prestigious wine award in the  Commonwealth) in back-to-back competitions first for his red wine, 2008  Meritage Blend, and then subsequently for his 2009 Reserve Chardonnay.   Blue Ridge School awarded Tom Payette the Distinguished Alumnus of the  Year. Tom Payette was named "Winemaker of the Year" in 1999.

Notwithstanding Tom's national and regional recognition, he is a humble, talented, resourceful and efficient winemaker who can teach you how to make wine and work with you in the cellar and beyond to maximize your business and resources.